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apnscp,一款收费的WEB主机管理系统,月付10美金或终身129美金。可试用2个月。系统最低要求:– 2 GB RAM
– 20 GB disk
– CentOS 7.4特征如下:– 1-click installs/automatic updates for WordPress, Drupal, Ghost, Discourse, Laravel, Magento
– Let’s Encrypt issuance, automatic renewals
– Resource enforcement via cgroups
– Read-only roles for PHP
– Integrated DNS for AWS, CF, Digital Ocean, Linode, and Vultr
– Multi-tenancy, each account exists in a synthetic root
– Any-version Node, Ruby, Python, Go
– Automatic system/panel updates
– OS checksums, perform integrity checks without RPM hell
– Push monitoring for services
– SMTP policy controls with rspamdapnscp:一款收费的WEB主机管理系统(基于Apache)演示:https://paixhans.apnscp.com:2083/apps/dashboard免费授权https://apnscp.com/activate/let-license-lt

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